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A stacked sandwich (2 halves) with toasted sour dough bread. You can see the grill marks on the top and on the inside there are layers of colorful vegetables including hummer, cucumbers, sprouts, tomatoes, steamed sweet potato slices, purple cabbage and lettuce. It is on a square, white plate with a rustic barn wood table showing in the background.
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The Best Ever Veggie Sandwich

Ok, this is it. This is THE Best Ever Veggie Sandwich. Ever. Haha, well I guess I’ll leave that to you to decide. But seriously, this is definitely my favorite. It’s filled with vegetables of all different textures, has creaminess from the spreads and the bread is garlicky and toasted to perfection. Start by steaming […]

A close up on a white, circular bowl filled with cooked vegetables - in the center are julienned carrots and going around from top left are diced eggplants with white sesame seeds, shitake mushroom caps with sriracha, a lim wedge, broccolini and snap peas.
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Asian Flavors Bowl

Sometimes I have an idea in my head of what I’m craving or what I want to make. Other times, I stroll around the grocery store and something catches my eye and gives me an idea. This is what happened to me with bowl. I was walking around Trader Joe’s, and the shiitake mushrooms caught […]